Frozen Mix Veg – 2lbs

Manizaver - Indian Frozen Vegerables - Mix Veg (2Lbs)

Buy high quality of Frozen Mix Vegetables in 2lbs packages

Mix Vegetables 2 lbs come in small sizes. It contains carrots, green peas, sweet corn, and many more. This is 100% natural and nutritional. You can use it in your busy life. You can make food in a short time to help with frozen food. It brings additional taste to any dish. Go ahead, and buy frozen products like Tindora, Toover Lilva, Surti Papdi Lilva, Okar Cut, Drumsticks, etc…


  • Net wt.340g
  • Poids net. 11.99oz


  • Frozen Mix Vegetable


  • Ready to cook any time
  • Freshly Frozen and Packed