frozen Sambhar Mix – 340gms

Manizaver - wholesale frozen food distributors in USA - Sambhar Mix (340 gms)

Make tasty Sambhar with the use of Frozen Sambhar Mix

Mani Zaver have Frozen Sambhar Mix 340 gms is a traditional South Indian mix of drumsticks, carrots, onions, and many more. That Have All The Basic Sambar Vegetable And Are Frozen By Using State Of The Art Technology Which Provides That The Vegetables Retain Their Freshness And Healthy Value Till They Reach You. You can buy more frozen products like Peas and Carrot Mix, Okra Cut, Mix Vegetables, Green Peas, etc…


  • Net wt.340g
  • Poids net. 11.99oz


  • Frozen Sambhar Mix


  • Ready to cook any time
  • Freshly Frozen and Packed